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So, umm, it’s been about a month. Anything going on?

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@TriBlade9 Just so that this shows up in the notifications, SurfDonut and TehShoe have been separated from the scene and added as asteroids. :3

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@Morgul Alright, I’ll try to get around to that today. Currently hung up on getting picking to distinguish between babylon meshes and my extension of it.

EDIT: Welp, I’m gonna be honest, it’s not gonna get done today (or tomorrow [I’ll be away.]) Still working on proper picking, been through about four algorithms, all of which have rounding issues or don’t work with a rotation matrix properly.

EDIT: Done with that project. :D
Working on extracting the asteroids now. Here’s an idea for the scale you were using. So that I could view SurfDonut at all on my measly laptop, I had to scale it to size 0.002. (Therefore the scale might be off a bit)

SurfDonut and TehShoe have been added to the repository. :3

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Anything other than UV mapping needed for the asteroids?

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@Morgul Glad you’re back! How did it go?

I’m not the person to ask about how shaders work, find some OpenGL guru.

Basic scene creation could be done in a few lines and loops, and a more advanced one could come later.

I haven’t worked on the asteroids/assets in awhile, been working on a few other things involving BabylonJS


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@Morgul For some reason that post didn’t show up in the notifications. O_o

Perhaps we should do stars with particles/shader programs instead of models? Since they’re pretty much circles with emission shaders and a halo, it probably isn’t worth making a model for them. (Sphere?)

Space stations are indeed important, but I have no idea where to start on that. Any pointers?

Another idea would be to skip making static scenes and jump right into “sector” generation? I assume you’d want it to be at least semi-procedural.

On the topic of re-mapping the asteroids… Yeah… Uhh… I suck at it, so far only made it worse. :P

Also, I’ve gotten back into playing a bit of StarMade, and I’m finding it easier to mock up a ship there, then model it in Blender as opposed to starting from scratch (idea?). Also they use shader-based stars, which have a very Michael Bay feel to them.

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@Morgul If you do want to go the scene route for asteroids, then I’d advice totally re-creating the scene. I could then import asteroids from the old scene, and all of the new ones.

The biggest issue with the scene as it is that my computer doesn’t want to load it without crashing blender… xD

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I’d be happy to attempt to re-UV map them, though I’ve never been very successful with those.
What would be your advised scale? /100, /50, /10?

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@Morgul Other than the names, I think the asteroids are fine (I cleaned up the blend files extensively), although IMO all the models should be scaled down quite a bit, as the large size makes them quite hard to edit on a semi-low-power laptop. ;)

Perhaps we should reduce the vertex count on a few of them though?

@Burstaholic Thanks for adding the skyboxes, I forgot about that.

If we need placeholder icons, this site might be of use: http://game-icons.net/

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This thread is meant to facilitate the development of assets for RFI: Precursors by organizing the goals for the game’s assets and working toward them through iterative development and review…

(TL;DR: A bunch of professional-sounding words. They basically mean: Tell us what needs to change in the art and stuff so it can get better.)

Please discuss! The items in bold need the most review at the current time.

Current Models:

  • Asteroids: Assorted, Terribly named :P
  • Ship: Ares
  • Ship: Bullfrog
    Bullfrog Img

Current Icons:

Current Skyboxes:

  • Purple Nebula

Current Scenes

  • “Asteroids” scene (aka our test level)

Current Artwork (Background images, etc.):

Current Sounds:
NONE (That I know of)

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