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Thank you for invitation.
I will take it at my mind.

For the moment, it seems you are restarting too much, and writing game too less.
Maybe if it becomes more stable, I will be tempted to join your team.

Let me see you can go further in the project :D

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I’ve discovered skewed aspect years ago, following panda’s project.
I have exactly same project, that RFI was, and I take a look time to time to evolution of this project.

I was hopping your project grow up more quickly than mine (because I am alone, and I have not your skills), but I see that lot of things make RFI restarting again and again.

I wish you to continue this project, because it is great that indies can do that and it is inspiring for people like me.

I like programming, science fiction but heroic fantasy too, video games, and I like challenge with passion, and I like to never finish any of my project :(

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