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We have a new beta version of Card Crimes up, with some nice usability and UI enhancements. See the changelog here:

Play at:

Amuse your friends! Cause your enemies to die from laughter! Please destroy humanity responsibly.

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Since you do in fact have a few users, some thought will need to be put into deprecation + migration, but I like it.

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I kinda like that as a name for a models library all on its own, actually.

“Trivia: An Easy Database ORM”

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Going with the pun of ‘trivia’ for the models project appeals to me, but may be insufficiently descriptive.

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Some thoughts:

  1. I like ‘store.’ So, store-js and sound good to me. I kind of like the whole ‘thing’ with *.js for JavaScript projects, but that might be just me.
  2. ‘Drivers’ is an overloaded term that I associate strongly with hardware. I think ‘backends’ is much clearer and more standard.

I think splitting off the model system, e.g. as we discussed with Precursors, is a great idea. It’s both nice and easy to work with.

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Don’t forget to list the skybox among our assets!

We’ll probably want more of those.

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