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    Roleplay boards are one of those things that are difficult to get right. We have a small number of people, so we can get away with a lot, frankly. Still, I want to outline the rules I intend to use going forward, just in case we do run into an issue.

    Wheaton’s Law

    Don’t be a dick, but it’s okay to play one…

    Most people are familiar with Wheaton’s Law, “Don’t be a dick.” However in recent years, as he’s been playing ‘evil Wheaton’ on Big Bang Theory, this law has been expanded. I feel it’s especially appropriate for this setting. Never attack a player, or go places they’re uncomfortable with, with out permission. Playing an asshole is fine, just clear everything with the other player if there’s a chance they might not be able to tell the difference between character and player.

    TL;DR: Use common sense, and don’t intentionally be a dick to anyone, but it is ok to play assholes.

    Nothing Personal

    Just because my character is a child-murdering rapist, doesn’t mean I am. I have characters whose opinions I agree with, and others whose opinions I strongly disagree with. That’s OK.

    It’s very important to be able to separate a player’s character from the player themselves. This is the other half to Wheaton’s Law above; don’t assume someone is being a dick. Is there a chance that this is purely the character being an evil ass? If there’s any doubt, ask the player in private. They should be able to clear things up pretty quickly.

    TL;DR: Character opinion does not equal Player opinion. If in doubt, ask!

    Board Rules

    Each board will have it’s own rules, but the basics are this:

    • Playing in a board is invitation only. You must contact whoever is running the board and ask to join.
    • The board admin has final say in players. I don’t care how much you want to play, if your play style doesn’t fit with the other players, the admin can (and will) remove you.
    • Board membership and forum membership are not the same thing. Just because you’ve been kicked out of an RP doesn’t mean you’re kicked off the forums.
    • We have a zero tolerance policy for abuse. That includes abuse of the zero tolerance policy for abuse. Don’t be the boy who cried wolf; we will remove you.

    The most important rule, which shouldn’t need to be said (but I’m going to anyway) is this:

    Everyone’s here to have fun. Don’t ruin that.

    These are personal boards that are run out of care and love from the admins. Please don’t make us regret spending any time here.

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