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    Forum Rules

    While we generally think that most people know how to handle this whole internet thing, occasionally, some people need a reminder. As such, these are the Rules™ for our forums.

    We use Wheaton’s Law as our guiding principal. For those unfamiliar, it can be summed up like so:

    “Don’t Be a Dick.”

    Unfortunately, in this day and age, just that principal isn’t good enough. So, here are a few itemized rules:

    1. Under no circumstances will personal attacks be tolerated. I don’t care what your personal beliefs are; you check them at the door. These forums area place where every member can feel safe. If you want to start a debate about something, that’s fine. Arguments happen, and just because someone challenges your beliefs, it doesn’t mean they are attacking you. Please, keep this in mind before reporting a post.
    2. Intentionally inflammatory posts will be locked. Remember the point of these forums is about a video game studio. There’s no reason to make posts about “Evolution vs Creation”, or “Is Abortion Murder?”. If you absolutely must post a controversial topic, you must keep it in General Discussion. You should also use the debate or controversial tag. If the discussion gets out of hand, we will take immediate action, and lock the topic, no questions asked.
    3. If you are found to be personally harassing someone, you will be immediately banned. We have a zero tolerance for this type of behavior. Just don’t do it.

    If you feel someone is violating these rules, please contact either myself, @Burstaholic, or @whitelynx. Please, don’t try to take matters into your own hands, contact someone immediately.

    That being said, I hope none of these rules ever need to be used.

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