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    @shimrod The forums were broken for a couple of days; notifications didn’t work, so I didn’t notice your message. Upgraded to the new nodebb, so we’re good, now. :)

    Basically, “no news is good news”. @WhiteLynx has been moving, and a few other real life things have come up the last couple of weeks, but that happens.

    Recently, we’ve uncovered a new feature of RethinkDB: changefeeds. What these are designed to do is to essentially watch something in the database, and send a notification when it changes.

    What that will allow us to do in the project, is use the Database as the primary point of synchronization of game state, as opposed to designing and building out own event system. We’re really excited about it, because the event system has been a big sticking point in previous iterations.

    I’ve put together a doc with some details on how we plan on using it to scale:

    That’s probably going to get integrated into the next set of changes we’re working on.

    Admin Note: Split the topic since it’s no longer about the new user introduction. :)

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  • happy to know that.
    I hope to have nearly a client download and be able to connect to a central server :D

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    Last Thursday, actually, we just got chat implemented in the server! Not sure yet when the next release might be, but hoping in the next month or so we should have a central server up, along with the client. We’ll see!

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  • I will a little bit sarcastic… chat features? on my own, I see all difficulties on flying, user experience during flight and shoot, generating a user client, rules, and so on…
    But maybe, it is like leisure time… to see something working on a hard project :D

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