[Announcement] RFI: Precursors v0.7.0 Released!
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  • Godlike Fuzzydice

    I’m pleased to announce, RFI: Precursors v0.7.0! You can get the code here:


    Oh, man, what hasn’t changed? This is an all new code-base, with all new bugs features! Here’s the short list of what the game’s features, currently:

    • E-mail based account logins
    • Basic character support
    • Ships w/ powers (no UI for powers, yet)
    • Physics based movement
    • Synced movement across all clients
    • WebGL based client w/ test level
    • Socket.io based client/server protocol

    I know it doesn’t sounds like a lot, but to be perfectly honest, this represents about 4 months of development (We had a break for 3 due to holidays, and other issues). The skeleton of the game is here, now, so you can expect some very interesting new features to be added in pretty short order.

    Known issues

    The biggest known issue, at the moment, is the simple fact that the physics based movement has no prediction, so it can be a little choppy at times. We need quite a lot of work on it, to be honest, but it was bogging us down so we just got it ‘good enough’ and then moved on. Don’t worry, we’ll get back to it.

    Additionally, we have no instance of the game that the public can play. There’s a decent amount of work I want to do first, like getting a website setup so people can register, and implementing chat. But, don’t worry, the next version should have one, and be out before the end of the summer, if not sooner!

    Edit: Sorry for those of you who notice the forums go down shortly after this announcement; we had a small issue with the forums that I couldn’t get to until this morning.

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  • Great.
    Important for moral to deliver regular releases, even if it contains few features :d

    Good job.

    ps: I will try to launch it, and maybe I will have few feedback, if interested by

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  • Godlike Fuzzydice

    @shimrod Excellent.

    Keep in mind, there’s not a lot to the game, at the moment, and there’s likely some documentation improvements. But, this is a start, and I felt it important to get a new release under our belts.

    I’m hoping for our next release around the end of April, and that should include some actual gameplay, and we should be standing up a dedicated server, where you can register an account, and everything.

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  • What kind of gameplay you plan for next release?

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  • Godlike Fuzzydice

    @shimrod You can get a feel for what we’re working on next here:


    In short, we’re going to be adding chat and targeting. We already have the backend for powers done, with a basic attack and a basic heal implemented. (The unit tests say they work. :)) So the goal will be to expose those.

    The game play, at this stage, will be the ability to fly around, and target each other with heals or damage, and chat. Still basic, but at that point it’s actually a game.

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