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    Today I’m excited to announce the official opening of the Skewed Aspect Studios forums. For me, this is the culmination of over a decade of work. Who would have known that the hours spent in that tiny little dorm room, coding on a project that people thought we were crazy for working on, would eventually lead here?

    Current Status

    Right now, we’re only just getting off the ground. We’ve been making so much progress on Precursors lately that I felt we needed a place we could start building a community around. (Fingers crossed, but we should be releasing our first release of both client and server before Christmas!)

    Right now, the entire core development team still works day jobs. The Studio is still, primarily, just a part time endeavor. However, we have all decided that this is worth pouring our free time into getting this to a place where we can start working on the Studio full time. It’s going to be a while before we get there, but man will it be a fun ride!


    Want to help out? Great! All of our projects are open source (you can find them here), so if you want to contribute to the code, go check them out. Or, if you’d rather simply contribute ideas, head on over to the Precursors Forums, find a conversation, and jump in!

    Here’s looking forward to seeing where this all goes.

    (Chris Case, Project Lead)

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